Friday, February 8, 2008


Jojo is sick again. He's been sick six different times in the last two months, each time with fever and vomiting. We've all been sick more than usual this winter, so we're probably just reacting to and U.S. winter rather than being in the tropics. And maybe Jojo is affected more than the rest of us since he was only four months old when we went to Venezuela and it's all he's ever known. Anyway, we didn't really know he was getting sick until he threw up day before yesterday while he was sitting on Miguel's lap in the living room. As I'm rushing around looking for a "throw-up bowl" (they are now stashed in various places around the house since we've been using them so much), poor Miguel is having to catch the throw-up in his hands to prevent carpet distress. By the time I got over there with the bowl, things were rather a mess, to say the least. I'm constantly amazed by Miguel's ability to handle episodes of poopy and throw-up disasters without gagging. I used to have more of an "iron stomach", but ever since Jojo was born more than three years ago, I have not been able to tolerate things like that without nearly throwing up myself! Miguel is my hero every time he cleans up after the kids.

Jojo did not throw up again all that night and we had high hopes for his recovery, but alas, he had a relapse yesterday. For some reason, he'd gotten off the couch and away from his throw-up bowl. He was half-way up the stairs when he threw up and unfortunately, I was directly beneath him and some of it landed in my hair!!! To quote AFV, it was a true "Moment of Ewwwww!" when I realized what had happened!! Oh, it was so gross! Since nobody else was available to help (Micah disappears at the first sign of vomiting since he's even more squeamish than I am!), I had to stand there catching everything in the bowl until Miguel could arrive. Oh well, I needed to wash my hair anyway.

Now that we are adjusting to having four kids, it does seem as if one or the other of them are sick at any one point in time! And both Miguel and I are down with colds too, which really complicates things....if any of the kids need something, there we are arguing about who feels the worst or who's turn it is to change the poopy! LOL! Not really, Miguel has been a true servant and has done more than his fair share lately! He is so good with the kids and such a good Papi.

As Miguel and I consider our future ministry options, sometimes it seems overwhelming to think about being back on the mission field and this time with the four kids instead of three! I know it will be really hard and I'm kind of scared, but I feel God drawing me back to ministry. I sense God gently challenging me to trust. Can I trust Him to provide the strength, stamina, wisdom, patience, and everything else I need to make it? I've already found out that I can't do it in my own strength! Where else is there to go but God?! Psalm 73:25-26 NIV Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

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