Monday, April 19, 2010

My First Scrapbook Project

I know, I know...only my first scrapbook project? I've admired scrapbooking for years, but up until now, had never dipped my toes into that vast ocean of craftiness. Interestingly, my first scrapbook project isn't even for myself, it's for our mission's representation department! (Does that mean I can say I'm scrapbooking for Jesus? lol)

I didn't really have a place here in the house where I could work without having to pack everything up each time I worked on the project, so I (literally!) carved some space out for a temporary "office" in my bedroom. It means we can barely open our closet doors, but it works for now. If you look closely, you will notice my "shelving" is made out of cardboard packing materials....

This scrapbook, which highlights our mission's work in Mexico, will not only be used for the representation work, but also as an example for our students in missionary training of a resource they could make to highlight their own ministries...therefore, the style of my album will be more simple and straightforward. I am also trying to use materials that could easily be bought here in Mexico.

A few of my supplies, only the basics, really...notice the handmade
"stamps" (using pieces of styrofoam trays) with a southwest style.
I basically just trace out the design on pieces of styrofoam
with a pen or pencil. The lines need to be fairly deep and
it's important to remember that once the design is
stamped, it will be backwards. Typically, a brayer and ink
is used for styrofoam block printing,
but I am just using regular ink pads in black or brown.

A sampling of pages I've made so far...I will
add pictures (and text) once they are developed.

I'm learning as I go along and having a lot of fun!

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