Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Shower (No, Not For Me!)

I have been attending the Wednesday morning Ladies' Bible study group at our local Mexican church for a bit over a year now.  This group of ladies is amazing and plans many of the social activities that go on in the church.  Earlier this year, as they were assigning work roles, I was placed on the planning committee for events (such as baby and bridal showers).  About a month or so ago, I was notified that not only was I on the planning committee, I was The Head of the Planning Committee!  Yikes!  Not only did I not feel qualified, having never really planned things like showers before, I was concerned about being able to plan the showers according to the Mexican customs and such.  But they assured me that they felt I was qualified and that besides, they like the American way of doing things!  But they also said they would let me know if anything I planned wasn't appropriate.  I was stuck. 

There are other committees in charge of the food, the decorations, job entails planning the actual program for the showers and events.  It's not that I didn't want to help out, I was just a little concerned about being the one in charge!  Especially with a double baby shower coming up at the end of a super busy month...the Sunday after our MK school's graduation, in fact!  Apparently, others on the planning committee were pretty busy that week, too, since it was very hard to get us together to work on anything...

I had the rough outline of the shower put together in my head, but I had set aside the day before the shower (Saturday) to do the final planning.  And wouldn't you know, I woke up that day with a terrible cold/flu that Jkaile was so kind to share with me (he comes into our room at night and drinks out of my water bottle!).  I am so very grateful that God gave me the strength not only to plan the shower, but make it special as well! 

I made these cards for each of the Moms and babies
for everyone to sign.

Place and Date...

One of the games was a relay-Blindfolded
Change the Diaper!

Melissa, one of the Moms.
The other Mom has been on complete
bed rest and couldn't attend.
We have prayed long for the health 
of this other mother and child...I heard that her 
 precious little girl was born this last Saturday! 
Melissa, however, still has a couple of weeks to go...

The second game was 
Mommy Multi-tasking...
such fun! 

I wanted to take pictures of the devotional, but the batteries in my camera died.  :(  Darn.  You can find it here, however, if you care to take a look.  It's a relatively short devotional, but very sweet and meaningful!  I asked different ladies from the audience to give each of the eight parts and it turned out to be a neat way to give it. 

Now for the next event, I plan to delegate, delegate, delegate!  


Sharon said...

delegating is such a wonderful concept!

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

I agree! :)