Friday, March 18, 2011

Earrings for Gracia

Most girls in Latin America get their ears pierced as infants.  That is, in fact, many times how one is able to determine the gender of a baby, by whether said baby has pierced ears or not.  When Gracia was born here in the U.S. I don't think we made a conscious decision not to get her ears pierced, but we just didn't.  Later, I wished that I had, but then I realized that getting her ears pierced would be a special event when she was a little older.

Gracia and I have talked off and on about it, but she never had much interest until this last Monday when she came to me in her sweet, shy way and whispered in my ear that she really did want to get her ears pierced now.

So off we went to Claire's within the hour before she changed her mind! Micah and Jojo heard we were headed to the mall and wanted to go with us, but we really shouldn't have taken them along because they were so not impressed with all those girly things in the mall and pestered us with groans and wails and when-are-we-leaving noises.  Well, I guess they did provide some important moral support at the actual moment of the ear piercing, so that was something.  And they were very enthralled with these little makeup cases that you push a button and it slowly unfolds to reveal the inner workings, but basically they made fun of everything there.  I'm glad they are normal, healthy boys. 

But anyway, we had to wait a while because there was another lady there getting her 2 month old? baby's ear pierced and when I heard that baby cry over her pierced ears, I was kind of glad I didn't get Gracia's ears pierced at that age...I think it would have broken my heart to hear her cry like that knowing I'd inflicted that pain on her! 

Gracia was very brave, however, even though she was a little concerned after hearing that baby squall!  They couldn't do both ears at once since there was only one employee there and I was a little worried she wouldn't want to go through with the second one, but Gracia did good!  One tear escaped her eye and then she was okay.  And the boys cheered her on.

So that's how Gracia got her ears pierced and it has gone down in the Aguirre family history books as the day Gracia got earrings. She's already eyeing my earring collection and claiming some for her own. 

I'm so proud of my girl!

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