Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Family Camp

What started as an online friendship with the ABCDs has developed into a real-life friendship now that we're living in central Mexico.  Besides enjoying their friendship, we've also enjoyed their library plus their invitation to join them at what was termed MK Family Spiritual Emphasis Camp 2012 by our fearless director.

Basically, we thought of it as family camp since we went as a family and there were several other families there as well.  It was also a nice family 'vacation' for us, even though we kinda "worked" (didn't feel much like work, though) and were in different cabins.  We were able to take the puppy also and he really enjoyed spending some time in the great outdoors (sadly, the snail and the turtle had to stay behind).

Miguel and I had the opportunity to teach the older youth during their chapel times and we covered four stories about the Israelites found in Numbers 11-15 as a way of illustrating and exploring some Bible storying concepts.  Miguel was the counselor for the older boys and we helped out a bit in the kitchen and with crafts.  

It was a lot colder at camp than here in Puebla, so we were glad that we went prepared for the colder weather!  During the day, it was very nice, but as soon as the sun went down the temps really dropped...there was a significant altitude difference, which is why the weather was cooler there.  

Here are few pictures of our adventure at camp...for more pictures, go here or here or here

We enjoyed the scenery on the way to camp...that's
really red dirt there!  

The view from the front of my cabin...the 
kitchen/auditorium area
is down beyond those vehicles and the bathrooms
are in the building on the right of the picture.  The
cabins were very comfortable, but it sure
was hard to get out of my nice warm bed
at 3 a.m. to trek all the way over there to go potty!  

We had some great worship times led
by another missionary.  I think Miguel was 
making a J for J-O-Y although
it looks like everyone else had 
already moved on to Y!  

Jkaile with a buñuelo, similar to a funnel cake.

Meals were delicious!

I think the snack shop was our kids' favorite 
'activity' at camp!  

Their not-so-favorite thing...dishes!

On our way back from camp, we stopped by a little
town known for selling clay pots and other decorative items.
Apparently jack-o-lanterns are in high demand, 
they were everywhere! 

I got a kick out of these pots
drying on top of this building.  They
are all so perfectly lined up!

We stopped at several of the different shops...it was
hard to choose what to buy!  So many pretty things...

I loved this one!  We bought several of these,
but unpainted.  

I really loved these iguanas painted
in the talavera style...maybe next time!  

It was also interesting to see many Otomí people
in traditional dress...there are many communities
of Otomí in this area.  

We are already looking forward to camp next year!  


Alan said...

Sorry to be so late in catching up on your blog and especially this post about camp! Thanks again for coming and being a part of a really neat thing in our lives. Cameron (who was in your teaching sessions...for those who wouldn't know that) replied to my question about how the teaching sessions were with "It was just what I needed." A 13 year-old who says that must have really learned and enjoyed learning! Thanks for your investment in coming and teaching! Hope we can see you all again soon!

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

Hey, Alan, glad you stopped by! So glad to hear that Cameron was blessed by what we had to share! That is really neat to hear that. Thanks for the invitation to camp and for allowing us to be a part of it! We have really appreciated your friendship! God bless!