Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting Settled

It was a week ago today that we packed up our van and made our final trip to our new house here in Apizaco, looking rather like the Beverly Hillbillies with a cot and a daybed strapped to the roof and five bicycles piled on the rack behind (minus the Granny in the rocker, of course!). Fortunately, we weren't stopped by the police on the way, sometimes they see an overloaded vehicle as an opportunity to gain a bit of extra cash...

Miguel had made a trip to Apizaco the day before with some things, but as we were packing the final things, we quickly realized that he should have taken more on that trip...but we were able to pack it in, leaving barely enough room for the poor dog right inside the door!  He had such little space, in fact, that he didn't have room to lay down due to the cooler next to him.  I spent half the trip with him panting in my left ear, so I  finally just held the cooler on my lap so that he could lay down and quit the heavy breathing already!

Once we arrived, it was a blessing to eat lunch with the Rupe's and Misael (LAMM directors and their coworker, we call him 'Misa') before beginning the chore of settling in. One of my sisters gave me some wise advice long ago that I have not forgotten...any time you arrive somewhere, get the sleeping arrangement taken care of first, she said.  That way it's taken care of before it's dark and you find out the lights don't work and you don't know where the flashlights or candles are and you're tired and frustrated...well, you get the picture!

So while Miguel and Micah went shopping for some appliances (Miguel left the next day for a trip to the sierra (mountains) to help set up for a Totonacan youth camp, so he needed to get me set up with a means of cooking and preserving food before he left), I set about getting our 'beds' ready.

I say 'beds' because most of us were going to sleep on the floor. We had a cot and one twin-size foam mattress that I commandeered as I can no longer handle sleeping on anything much less than comfortable and the cot isn't comfortable.  Gracia got the cot and the rest of the guys had to sleep on piles of sleeping bags and blankets. I was able to locate the sheets and get the sleeping arrangements taken care of before moving on to the kitchen.

Obviously, the priority in the kitchen was to locate the coffee-making equipment and along the way I unpacked a few other things as well...pretty soon Miguel got back from the store with a new refrigerator and stove. I don't think I've ever had new appliances before!

I'm very happy with the fridge, even though it's not full-sized...

Micah was just excited about the food!

My kitchen shelves...not elegant, 
but definitely functional
I found some brightly colored place mats to help add some flair.  

My lovely stove!  I've been using the oven
quite a bit already...yesterday I made lasagna
and today I baked some banana bread.

We don't have a lot of wall decor, but we do have a little.
A friend recently gave us the picture of the lady
making corn tortillas...I love it!

I believe the grinder is called a quern (saddle quern?) 
in English, metate in Spanish.

While Miguel was gone on his trip, I got the rest of the kitchen set up, as well as the dining room.  That's where we spend most of our time anyway...I tried to hook up the washing machine, but there were issues, so I just left it for when Miguel got home.  And of course, then it took him only a few minutes to figure it out!

On Monday, we went to Walmart and found some good prices on some mattresses.  We bought two twin-sized and one 'queen'...I'm pretty sure it's not a real queen-size, though, as it's a bit on the small side.  But, it works and it's much more comfortable than the flimsy foam mattress I was sleeping on!

Now what we lack are things like bed frames, living room furniture, bedside tables, bookshelves, dining room table, chairs, curtains...but as they say here, poco a poco, little by little, we will make our house a home...

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Terri :o) said...

It looks like a nice little home! I like the stove. :)