Monday, December 3, 2012

Nosy Neighbor

For the past few weeks, we've been following the construction on the house next door with interest as it seems we will be getting new neighbors fairly soon. Workers have been finishing the construction of the walls around the patio, installing the windows and painting the inside of the house. The owners (well, we assume they are the owners) come by every few days and one day we saw them unloading plants and flowers for the patio.

What we're kind of puzzled about, however, is how these people plan to pull their vehicles into the lot! I had assumed that there was another garage door around the corner (to the left of the picture), but no, that black garage door in the center of the page is 'it'.

It's not easy to tell from the picture, but the house was constructed on the right end of the lot with the open patio on the left side. Not only is the garage door really quite small, it is also directly in front of the house. As in the house is blocking entrance to the patio! I am thinking that it will be quite a feat for vehicles to pull through there, since they have to angle in to the left to avoid hitting the house. It appears that only the smallest of vehicles would be able to manage that.

I know, I know...I am such a nosy neighbor, but I am kind of interested in seeing how this works out for would be inconvenient for them to have to open up a new garage door, although not impossible. But frankly, nobody with a medium to larger sized vehicle wouldn't be able to pull their car into the patio! It just makes me wonder what they were thinking...

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