Sunday, May 24, 2009

Doña Tota

Last Sunday after church, we went to our favorite little gordita place, Doña Tota, in the food court at a grocery store. We usually sit outside at the tables, but this time we got seats at the counter inside the little restaurant. It was fun to watch the whole gordita process right there in front of us and to snap pictures even though people were staring at me kinda funny! I felt like a tourist...

The term "gordita" literally means "little fat one" and is commonly used as a term of endearment for women and girls (although not in our house!!!) Mexico, however, it is also a very yummy food! Gorditas can be made of cornmeal or flour and are stuffed with a variety of fillings. When we first arrived in Mexico last fall, the kids didn't care much for them, but now they look forward to trips to Doña Tota! :) It's good to see them adapting to the food here...

Says "More than a 100 million gorditas sold!
...years of tradition, experience, continual success and clients served!"
Sorry, didn't catch how many years exactly...

Doña Tota gorditas...oh, so yummy!

Says "Gorditas of flour and of corn"
Prices are in pesos, about 55 cents per gordita.
I like the Cochinita Pibil and the Pollito Pibil, which
is shredded pork and chicken in a red sauce.
Cheese can be added for an extra cost.
We usually get the Picadillo for the kids,
it's ground beef with chopped vegetables
that is not spicy at all.
Most of the rest of the fillings are quite spicy!
We are in Mexico, after all...

Rolling out the flour gorditas...

Next, they are placed on the griddle...

Closer look at the griddle...the press is used to make
them poof in the middle so they can easily be filled.

After that, the gorditas are filled to order.
You have to order and pay at the cash register
and then get your order when your number is called.

Waiting for our gorditas...
Jojo didn't want his picture taken, apparently.

Ah! Well worth the wait!
Total cost of the meal, including drinks was about $12.50 USD.
(not pictured are the gorditas that just had cheese...quesadillas)


Terri :o) said...

That is really interesting! And a LOT of food for $12.50! I love Taco Bell Gorditas, but I have a feeling those are better. :)

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

Taco Bell gorditas are good, but I have a sneaking feeling you are right, these are better...heh-heh. And don't you fold the gorditas at TB instead of stuffing them? It's been a while...can't remember.

Ellie said...

So, we can't call you gordita??? Oh, that would end any husband up in the dog house!

In my husband's culture, fat women are considered beautiful. I've told him that this is a beautiful as I am going to get!

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

In our culture anyway! Miguel has explained to me that women who are considered "gordita" are considered attractive. Not like grossly overweight, just a little...still doesn't sound like something I'd like to be called, though! LOL! Although it no longer bothers me so much if someone does refer to me as a 'gordita' because I understand that they are not meaning to offend, but to compliment. I told Miguel that in our culture, that's WAY taboo to comment on somebody's weight like that!

BTW, it's amusing that he thinks that I'm just right...that I shouldn't lose much weight, if at all...I view myself quite differently!

Shilo said...

Mmm...I love real Mexican food! :) :)