Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Kids

October 30th was Micah's 10th birthday! 
It didn't work out to have a big party for him
this year, but he did have a couple of friends over
to play and one spent the night...here he
is with his new ripstik.

This last Saturday Gracia and about 30 other girls
 got together for a tea party! 
We shopped together for the Perfect Dress
and found one that we both loved. 

The tea party was in honor of Gracia's friend Allison,
 whose family are also missionaries from our church. 
They are here at the Village for a few more weeks
 and Allison's mom wanted her to have some
special memories to take back with her when they leave.

Jojo...always on the go! 
Here he is learning how to ride a ripstik as well.

Since all of the other kids around here
 were dressing up for Fall Festivals, we dug out our
 costumes...Jkaile was thrilled with the knight costume.   
Of course, then he went around whacking