Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter eggs

Today is Tuesday, only 4 more days until Miguel gets home...in the meantime, we're doing pretty good! I know that because I am feeling creative and bold and am coloring Easter eggs with the kids. :) If I were completely overwhelmed, I would be just surviving and not attempting anything extra, so this is very encouraging to me.

Anyway, I boiled up 1 1/2 dozen eggs the other day and have been thinking about creative ways to decorate the eggs. I saw a magazine article that had some really cute and simple Easter eggs, but unfortunately I only remember that they colored egg shells and then crushed them to glue on the other colored eggs. This morning, the kids and I sat down to blow raw eggs so we could color the shells. Each of the kids had their little bowls to blow into and I was helping them. Everything was going swimmingly and I was so proud of myself when blam! Jojo squeezed his raw egg a little too hard and a fountain of egg went flying up in the air 3 or 4 feet! It was quite impressive! Things went downhill from there because then he tried to clean up the egg on the table and just ended up sweeping it all into his lap...sigh. Then it happened to Micah, minus the egg fountain and big mess. So I shooed them away (they had done their share anyway) and worked with Gracia, who did hers very daintilly (I have NO idea how to spell that word) and with no mess, fortunately.

The kids are still enjoying watching videos in the van, BTW! :) It kept Gracia and Micah entertained for several hours yesterday since they found a DVD that they hadn't watched in a while. It's not that I WANT them watching that much t.v....I just need a break while Miguel is gone. I've noticed that when they watch too much t.v. they get grouchy and restless, so we've been limiting how much they can watch each day and encouraging them to find other things to do that develop their minds.

This morning some friends came over to pick Micah up for a sleepover...he was absolutely thrilled. He is also invited to spend Thursday night with the Underwood twins, so he's going to have a pretty special week! And will be extra tired this weekend, no doubt. LOL It's good for him to be spending time with his friends, since he's homeschooled he doesn't necessarily see other kids every day.

Jkaile is awake from his nap, so I'd better go get him out before he thinks that I have forgotten about him!

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