Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

This morning the kids gave me their Mother's Day present, which consisted of the following:
1 large can of Arizona tea
1 six-pack of Diet Coke
1 package of prune granola bars
1 bag of peanuts with salt and lime flavor
1 bag of sweet plantain chips
1 package of gum

Can you tell they went shopping at the grocery store?! :)

Instead of cooking me breakfast in bed, Miguel is grilling me lunch. Looking good so far!

Apparently, some of the meat will be for steaks...

...and some for shish kabobs!While Miguel was digging around in our storage closet for the extra propane tank for the grill, Jkaile found the choke collar...he quickly found out it doesn't make a very good necklace! And here I am snapping pictures of it instead of taking it off...what a Mom! I figure that these will be the memories we'll laugh so hard at when he's older...


Cindy said...

I took a pic of Jordan stuck under a desk...crying his eyes out...
because I thought it was funny...however, he is fourteen now and still wonders why I took a pic instead of helping him out.
I tell him...I did help you out since you aren't still there!!
Maybe someday he will laugh with me :)

Carrie said...

Haha--Gugi in a choke collar...maybe that would keep him downstairs? :-) Just kidding!!!