Friday, June 12, 2009

What Happened to the Neighborhood?

One day last week, we woke up to no Internet connection. And of course, everything I wanted to do was on the Internet! Like checking email, reading the news, finding a recipe, etc...after a couple of hours, we realized the problem was with the phone lines when we tried to make a call only to hear a horrible noise coming over the lines! So Miguel went to the office and called the phone company. Later in the afternoon, the technicians came and got to work...turned out that someone had cut the phone lines across the corner from our house! Huge chunk missing! This seems to be a common ocurrence here and the stolen lines are sold for the metal? Not sure...but anyway, it took a couple of hours and a few technicians to get our service back.

Another strange thing that happened last week was a car that mysteriously appeared outside our gate. We noticed it because it was parked in such a position as to be in the way when we parked the van first we thought it belonged to one of the guys that work next door at the carpentry shop. They don't usually leave their vehicles out on the street overnight, however, so we quickly realized that it didn't belong to them. Miguel called the police, who assured him that they would come by to check it out. A couple of days later, when the police still hadn't checked it out, one of the guys that work next door found a telephone bill in the car and was able to contact the owner of the car. He came that same day to get his car...he said that it had been stolen, along with some money that he'd had in a small case inside. Since the thieves were able to get some easy money, they probably decided just to ditch the car instead of selling it or breaking it up for parts. What bothers me is that they left it right outside our house!
Another friend mentioned that her mother's car was stolen and found in this neighborhood as well. Good reminders to keep our eyes open and the gates locked! And continue to trust God for our safety...

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