Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Medical Junk

I absolutely hate to go to the doctor.  Period.  I avoid medical junk at all costs and I always dread anything that has to do with going to the doctor, dental work, etc.  Part of it probably had to do with the fact that my parents were required to take us all to the doctor and dentist every summer while we were in the dorm and I always had 4 or 5 cavities to take care of...ugh.  And then I remember that one doctor my Mom took me to in 8th grade who caustically informed me that I was obese. 

I've seen obese and in 8th grade I was NOT obese...a wee bit chubby, maybe, but not anything close to obese.  But that stuck with me and now I have quite a lot of anxiety about going to any doctor who is basically required to inform me that I am overweight...yeah, well, tell me something I don't know!  sigh.  I'm working on it, but it seems as if the best thing I can do right now for my physical health is to take care of my emotional health first.  I've already noticed a huge change in my attitudes toward food and I'm sure it will get even better once I can focus more clearly on that issue. 

Most people do not understand my attitudes about medical attention (or the lack thereof) and probably wonder about it, especially at times when they might think I actually really do need to go to the doctor...like now, when I've been feeling like I have something of a kidney infection for a few days now.  The question always comes from those who find out I've not been feeling well, "Have you gone to the doctor?" and they look puzzled when they find out I haven't and probably don't plan to, either!
And it's not just that I dislike going to the doctor, but I do believe that it is so much better for me to try to get over things on my own, if at all possible.  I took so much antibiotics when I was younger, I really do try to do everything possible to get well with more natural means first if I can.  I would be willing to take antibiotics for this infection if I have to, but taking antibiotics can also bring up issues all on its own, such as yeast infections, etc...so I really hope I don't have to resort to that. 

So anyway, we have all these medical requirements and forms to fill out now that we're joining Pioneers and it's kinda depressing.  Miguel and I need physicals and an HIV test and then the kids need some tests as well.  I've been thinking about my physical and about which doctor I will go see...is it better to have a male or a female doctor?  I think it depends...I'd almost prefer to go see a dr. of either gender as long as I didn't know them well and probably wouldn't ever see them again!  lol  It's kind of unnerving to ask a dr. friend to inspect you all over and then run into them at church or something...so that's been on my mind lately...

And the kids are way behind on their vaccines...I went through a time of real anxiety and stress about their physical health and the effects of vaccines on newborns, so I did not allow them to get many vaccines until they were a little older.  Which put them way behind and yes, we get a lot of flack about that now.  I still don't know exactly how I feel about vaccinations, but I do know that it relieved a lot of anxiety for me when I needed it to have made the decision not to vaccinate them as newborns.  But now that they are older, we do need to continue building on the vaccines that they have had. 

So this afternoon we informed the kids of their upcoming vaccination appointment (this Thursday morning, on Gracia's birthday, of all days!) and they were all whining and groaning about it until Miguel offered to pay them 2 bucks for each vaccination they get without fighting it.  Now they (well, the older three, that is...Jkaile is still rather oblivious and I'm sure he will not be cooperative with getting vaccines, big bucks or no!) are rather excited about the whole thing and are hoping to get a lot of shots!  That's a bit weird...especially since the last time they all four made quite the parade of crying, wailing children trooping back through the waiting room on the way out, much to the consternation of all the other kids waiting their turn...so we'll see how well this present enthusiasm for shots holds up when actually faced with the needles! 

And then Micah said, "Hey, and do we get to do the pee test, too!  Cuz that's awesome!  You get to pee into a little cup and then give it to the nurse.  And they never say thank-you!"  I wish I could get that excited about a urine test...


Carrie said...

Love your kids! Makes you excited for getting back to Mexico, doesn't it? You could pay the kids 2 PESOS instead of 2 DOLLARS! :-)

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

LOL! Definitely would prefer to only have to shell out the 2 PESOS!!!! :)