Thursday, July 14, 2011

Church Meeting

A few weeks ago, my Mom called with the news that she had run into a pastor friend of hers at Walmart.  This pastor is actually the one who baptized my Mom when she was a young teenager...his first pastorate was in the little country church that my Mom's family attended.  Pastor Ed has followed my family's missionary journey and always invited my parents to share at the different churches where they have pastored over the years. 

Pastor Ed has pastored the Spring River Indian Baptist Church for a few years and this church has supported my Mom's ministry during that time.  Now that my Mom is retired, however, they have been wondering where to find another missionary to partner Mom just happened to have a name handy and that is how we came to share about our ministry at the Spring River Indian Baptist Church this last Sunday.

We were given a warm welcome and the entire hour to show pictures and share about our future ministry in Puebla. 

One of the interesting things about this church is their passion for missions...not only do they give to the general mission fund of the IMB, they also desire to partner with and support a missionary family with whom they have a personal relationship!  We could tell they were excited about the possibilities and they did, in fact, vote to take us on as their missionaries.  It was a true blessing for us to have this opportunity to share about our ministry with them and they have already blessed us...we look forward to visiting them again before we leave for Mexico.

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