Saturday, July 16, 2011

One Week Left

We are down to our last week in this house here in the is hard to believe that it's been almost an entire year since we arrived from Mexico.  At that time, it might have been discouraging for us to have known that we'd still be here nearly a year later, but in reality, this cozy little house has been a blessing, a haven, a retreat and God's provision for us. 

We cleaned out the fridge today...amazing how grubby it can get in a year.  So it feels good to have that done!  Now that it looks so clean, though, the reality of our move is setting in a little harder.  Not that we're not excited about the move to Mexico and our upcoming ministry, but it's easy to get attached to places and things...there is always loss involved any time we move and it's important to work through the feelings and emotions to avoid a build-up of grief. 

So I've been doing some processing with the kids...letting them know what's going on and what's coming up.  We've talked about the sadness of leaving family and friends and we're talking about the excitement of what is to come. 

Speaking of what is to are some of the things we have to look forward to:
  • spending a few days at Grammy's house in OK and playing in the creek with cousins
  • celebrating Jkaile's fourth birthday
  • visiting the Grand Canyon
  • conference with coworkers from Pioneers
  • visiting friends in Chihuahua
  • making memories together as a family
So let the countdown begin!

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