Friday, March 28, 2008


I just realized a few days ago that our family has not lived in the same house longer than three months for about 2 years now!!!! It appears to be our lot in life to move often these days...although I'm trusting that God is working in and through us, I do confess that I find it difficult to know what He's up to with all this moving!

We didn't really HAVE to move this time, we are choosing to move because we've been offered a house rent-free...and that's hard to beat! While we've really enjoyed the house where we've been living, paying the rent every month has put a strain on our budget. God was faithful and provided, as He always does, but it seems like He was also nudging us to take the offer of the rent-free house now. The ironic thing is that we won't be in THAT house too long either since we will be able to move back in our church's missionary housing sometime this summer...and after that, it's off for regions yet unknown!!! So we have more moves to look forward to...sometimes I ask God if I can please just stay in ONE mansion for eternity, or at least half of eternity...please?!

Seriously, though, I am very thankful that this particular move has been relatively stress-free as compared to some of the other moves we've had. I'm learning a lot about how to pace myself and not push things when I begin to feel tired or down in my back. I am also learning that it is NOT worth it to try to continue to pack while the kids are fussy...then I get fussy and nobody is happy and someone is bound to get hurt. My sister Liz came down from Springfield and took Micah and Gracia over to Grammy's house for a couple of days, and that was a huge help in reducing the number of wee ones around here. Jojo has been pretty happy to have Mom and Dad more to himself and not have big brother bossing him around so much. :) LOL He and Jkaile have been playing very well together and they've been entertaining each other.

Miguel is working again today and will most likely do the final cleaning tomorrow. I am going to meet Mom and Micah and Gracia over at the new house sometime this morning and she wants to help me set up the kitchen a bit. We might sleep over there tonight if we can kind of get things organized a little, if not, then we'll be fine over here. I don't think that I can do too much over here this morning before I go, however, I'm tired and feeling quite unmotivated...maybe a couple more cups of coffee will do the trick!

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