Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Trouble for Miguel

Yesterday I was commenting to Miguel that I really need to add a few things to my wardrobe. It seems like I did pretty good at collecting winter clothes in the last few months and now I find myself with very few presentable things for summertime. So far I've been pretty lucky since the weather can't really decide what it's going to do! I've been able to get by with just a few short sleeves...it's crazy how all my shirts seem to get these horrible grease spots on them!!!! I am having to use an apron when I cook (something I swore I'd never do since it makes me look like a grandma) or just wear a really old and ratty t-shirt in the house (which makes me feel like a slob).

Anyway, so then Miguel says, "Well, there's a suitcase of clothes that we brought from Venezuela out in the garage...go check it out."

I got excited since I thought that maybe I'd overlooked some clothes I already had...I immediately went to the garage and looked.

And do you know what I found??!! Are you ready for this, ladies?

The suitcase was full of my maternity clothes from last year!!!!!!!!!

I thought we had gotten RID of those clothes!!! When Jkaile was born, I swore I NEVER wanted to see those clothes again as long as I lived!!!!

Boy, was Miguel in trouble!!!!!!! Does he think I still look like THIS?????

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