Monday, September 29, 2008

Turning Four Years Old

This is our John Michael (aka Jojo) and today was his 4th birthday! We celebrated it yesterday since today was a school day...unfortunately, various members of our family are a bit down with a stomach flu (myself included), so he got a store-bought cake and not much 'to-do' (no invites). But I don't think that he minded, he seemed to enjoy being the center of attention. :) He and Papi and Micah put together the K'nex car he got and he was very happy with a little Lego kit that he got as well. Then we looked at pictures of Jojo when he was a baby; I had forgotten about some of them, so that was a lot of fun! :)
He did get some special 'perks' this morning, such as cake and ice cream for breakfast! Mom wasn't much in the mood for cooking... And we reminded him throughout the day that he is now four, not three. Tonight as Miguel was helping him get ready for bed, Jojo decided that he didn't want to wear a pull-up to bed now that he's four. Miguel reminded him that he would have to hold his pee-pee and it might be hard...Jojo thought about that for a minute and then said, "Okay, maybe we can try again when I'm 61." LOL!
Happy Birthday, Jojo! I love you!

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