Friday, January 16, 2009

Working in the garden

Well, no, I don't actually have any pictures of me working in the garden, but I can show you the results! Miguel worked out there one day, setting up the little fence and "terrace" and we were able to plant the first cactus! It was an exciting moment...

I set out the rock I'd painted our name on and then

wondered when Miguel was going to work out there again...

Then one day I thought...why am I waiting?
I can DO THIS! :) And got's lookin' good!

A close-up of the spotted rock...I've got a companion rock in the works...

A view around the corner to the right...

A close-up of the mountain scene (basically the mountains we can
see to the east of here minus the city).

And of course, this is a Work in Progress...far from finished.
I'll keep ya posted.

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