Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pequeño Rebaño (Little Flock)

In January, our church began a new kids' program on the last Saturday of every month called "Pequeño Rebaño" which literally means "Little Flock". El Cordero (The Lamb) is the name of the church, thus the name for the kids' program. Miguel has been helping out with the program, as well as taking our kids to participate.

Yesterday, was the Fiesta Vaquera (Cowboy Day) and Miguel had a big part in a play they put on for the kids. I decided to attend as well just so I could watch the show! :) Miguel played the part of Vaquero Lucas, who desperately needed to be clean not only on the outside, but on the inside as well! It was neat to see how the Gospel could be shared through a humorous story that really grabbed the kids' attention. And of course, our kids enjoyed watching Miguel act in a play...although they did wonder why his voice sounded so funny! (the play was lip-synced)

The cast

Vaquero Vázquez advising Vaquero Lucas that
he needs to take a bath!

Vaquero Lucas getting advice from a friend on how he
could become clean on the those
bowed legs, Miguel! haha!

Vaquero Vásquez and Vaquero Lucas
I have to say that Miguel looks pretty awesome
in his cowboy clothes!
I think we need to get him some boots...

After the play, there was a concert by
country music band
Pedro Ochoa & Lazzo Doble...
great Christian country music!
The cowboys posing with Pedro Ochoa...


a56piano said...

You had Pedro Ochoa?! Wow. I'm not normally a huge country fan, but i really enjoy his music.

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

Yeah! So much fun! Actually, one of his band members (and wife) go to our church and participate in the worship team, which is probably why we were able to book him for Pequeño Rebaño. :) I really enjoy his music!