Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pequeño Rebaño

The local church we attend here in the city is called El Cordero, translation The Lamb. Therefore, the children's outreach program that we have on the last Saturday of every month is called Pequeño Rebaño, translation Little Flock. Miguel has helped with Pequeño Rebaño all year (go here to see another post on this). Since they will not be having another Pequeño Rebaño this year due to Christmas activities, they put on a fair for the kids this last Saturday. Miguel and I spent quite a bit of time making some of the games for the booths and it gave us great enjoyment to see the kids getting so much fun out of them!

Me painting the ruleta wheel...

I got creative and made my own stamps
for the Star Search game...

They worked really well!

Miguel in the shop making the marble roll games...
we used mini-pool balls for the one with bigger holes
and large marbles for the other one with smaller holes.

Waiting in line for their tickets...

Micah ready for some fun!

Jkaile didn't care for the cotton candy at first
(he tried to throw it in the trash!), but
once he got a good taste of it, he began begging for more!

Gracia trying her hand at winning tickets
at the ruleta wheel.

Jkaile spent most of his time hanging around
the Star Search game chasing the balls!

Miguel at his booth, the dart toss.
Yes, I painted that one, too! :)

Gracia at the canicas, the marble roll...

There was a program for the kids, a gymnast
and Lalito the Clown...

All the kids watching the gymnast!

Jojo enjoying both his cotton candy AND Lalito the Clown!

Micah and friends...

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Ellie said...

ya'll are just too creative! Looks like fun, and the gymnast - WOW!