Friday, March 5, 2010

Marriage Links

I am feeling like crud today...I picked up the cold that's been going around the house and even though I'm using Zicam, it has made me feel pretty bad. So I'm taking it easy again today and trying not to think about the laundry or other chores that need to be done. Hey, it's Friday, might as well live it up! :)

Anyway, I thought I'd post about some of the marriage resources that I have been enjoying these days. Simple Marriage not only has great posts with frank discussions about marriage and relationships, but they have some good links, too. I have subscribed to the blog so I get the posts sent to my email, making it easy to read the posts I am most interested in.

Today I noticed a link to a resource called One Extraordinary Marriage. One Extraordinary Marriage also has a blog here. This blog post about priorities caught my eye because that's basically what I have to do every once in a while to get 'back on track'...confront my selfishness, recognize all that my husband does, and reorder my priorities. I noticed that One Extraordinary Marriage also has pod casts about marriage and other resources...I look forward to reading more!

And speaking of selfishness, another marriage resource that Miguel and I have recently enjoyed is this marriage conference on DVD that one of my sisters sent me. Boy, does Paul David Tripp ever hit you right between the eyes about the real issue in marriage being ME and MY desire to rule my own little kingdom instead of letting God ascend the throne of my life. The website is here and blog here. This ministry also has free audio programs in their Media Center. I'm not sure how much this DVD marriage conference costs, but it is well worth the money spent! It is set up in short 25 minute segments for small groups.

Love2Romance, also a link I found in Simple Marriage, is a site I've found quite intriguing. Geared towards women, it has a really cute and attractive's a blurb from this site: Love2Romance helps you to keep your man Emotionally Connected through our unique romantic gifts, romantic ideas, and romantic cards. With our site you will have access to marriage advice from the leading experts and from everyday women. Our products provide the "fun" in the FUNdamentals of a good marriage!

And finally, Marriage Missions, International is a "Christian marriage website seeking to help those who are married and those preparing for marriage to be PRO-ACTIVE in helping to save marriage from divorce and to enrich it by offering INSPIRATIONAL, skill-building information which REFLECTS the HEART of CHRIST." One thing I really like about this website is that you can sign up for their marriage message newsletters, short messages that are delivered right to your inbox weekly. I have found that the topics covered in the marriage messages often address issues I might be dealing with at that time! It's a God thing. :) Anyway, lots of great articles and links over there.

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Tony said...

Becky - Thanks for checking out our blog, ONE Extraordinary Marriage, and then posting it on your blog. Alisa was right on with her most recent blog post about living our lives From the Top Down. After she wrote that I had to take some time in my own life and evaluate where I'm at in my life.

Hope you enjoy the podcasts and if you have anything that you would like us to talk about please shot us an email.

Thanks again.