Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Pancakes...one of our favorite meals!  Jkaile loves to help in the kitchen and as soon as he sees me standing at the counter with a mixing bowl, he comes running...literally!  I recently started letting him help me with the pancakes...I pour the batter and flip and then he gets to take them off the griddle and put them on the plate.  At first I was afraid he'd burn himself, but so far he's been careful.  Micah enjoys helping, too, although he's already learned how to pour and flip.  

Banana pancakes (which explains why they are lumpy, lol)

Some days I wish I had four arms!  

This morning we made pancakes with faces.
Jkaile liked the sad faces the best...

Future chefs at work....


Cindy said...

Tyler, who is fourteen now...
is our official pancake maker.
I love it! about once a week, when I get up...he is always up before me.... I tell him its pancake day..and he goes and makes them all by himself! He has tried some variations like adding chocolate chips or a couple of spoons of instant coffee. I didn't think I would like the coffee pancakes but they are really good.
Anyway, I have tried to get the others to choose a breakfast item to learn....but they aren't as excited about it as Ty is.

Just think...soon you might have some breakfast makers...and you can do something else and be served breakfast!!! ☺

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

That sounds wonderful! :) Then I could enjoy my coffee while they serve...lol. We like chocolate chip pancakes, well, except for Miguel who doesn't care for too sweet of a breakfast. The coffee pancakes sound interesting, I will have to try that!