Saturday, September 1, 2012

Baked Plantains

Since we came home from Veracruz with quite a few plantains, as you can see from this picture, we needed to eat them rather quickly before they went bad.

Gabriela helped me peel yucca root one day
for some yummy beef stew (plantains pictured
in the background)

Miguel wanted baked plantains with cheese, so we made this recipe twice and everyone really loved it!

First, we peeled the plantains.  Then we split them open, set them in pans lined with tin foil, slathered them with butter and lined them with cheese.  We used manchego cheese because that's what we had, but any kind of cheese would probably work as well. I added some water in the pans to keep the plantains from drying out too much.  This is a recipe that works best with riper plantains.

Alternate recipes would be to cover the plantains with butter, cinnamon and brown sugar or use guayaba paste along with the cheese.

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Anonymous said...

I just baked these with cheese for lunch and I loved it. I used mozzarella cheese. I also tried them with some jalapeño pepper sauce and loved the mix of sweet, salty and hot. Thank you so much for the recipe.