Friday, February 6, 2009

Beth Moore and a Shopping Trip

A really, really quick post as it's about time for me to leave...a bunch of us ladies are heading off today for a weekend across the border! Beth Moore is in town and we'll be attending her conference tonight and tomorrow morning, then staying over until Sunday so we can do some shopping. :D All in all, a bit of pampering, wouldn't you say?

BUT, I'm concerned about Miguel and the kids because Jkaile, Jojo, and Miguel have been sick with a stomach flu this is hard for me to leave! And it's not like I'd be able to just come home if things were to go "wrong". PTL that both boys seem to be getting better...Miguel took them to the dr. yesterday (Jojo just seems to have the flu, but Jkaile seems to have a bacterial infection also). I don't think that I've ever spent the night away from the kids before, or if I did, it was when Micah was a baby. Wow...

Anyway, I covet your prayers for all of us this weekend! It will be an adventure, that's for sure. I don't know if I'll have Internet this weekend, perhaps if one of the ladies takes a laptop I can get on and keep you posted. Otherwise, I will take lots of pictures and be back next week!


Cindy said...

Miguel will be fine!!!
I know from our own experiences he will appreciate you even more when you get home!!!

Ellie said...

Enjoy it. Kids will likely be fine. Dad might miss you more than them, but it is amazing how the kids live still despite all the strange things dads do to them!

I taught in school today, and two little boys drew boxing for their "sport picture". Two boys had bubbles with the same comment coming out of the mouth - "Oww! My weenie!"

I had to leave the room to laugh elsewhere... after I had told them with a straight face, "we don't talk about weenies, so erase that."

Unknown said...

Enjoy your time! Take a deep breath and relax!