Monday, March 23, 2009

Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken a couple of weeks ago on a bright and sunny spite of the usual difficulties involved in trying to get 6 people all smiling and looking at the camera at the same time, we got some good shots!



John Michael aka Jojo


Four kids

Miguel and I

The Aguirre Family


Cindy said...

very nice!!
I also know the "joys" of trying to get a family photo...yours is great!

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

Yeah, I was thinking of your post a while back about your family pics...that was hilarious!!! :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful family indeed!

Shilo said...

They turned out so well! I love them! Especially the one of you and Miguel!

Belinda Chaplin said...

What great photos of you guys- wow!! you are a very beautiful bunch!