Monday, March 23, 2009

New Puppy

When we took our family pictures a couple of weeks ago, the kids fell in love with this little puppy that was hanging around the stack of hay where we had the pictures taken. He was a cute little guy and it got us to thinking about getting a puppy for the kids. Since this puppy was already taken, we looked at another puppy there, a white German Shepherd mix. We thought about it for a few weeks, thinking about whether we really wanted to take on the added responsibility of a puppy as well as the cost of food and vet fees, etc. It's a big decision for us, almost like adding another child to the family!

A few days ago, our new puppy was delivered!
Gracia promptly named her Coconut, or Coco for short.
The kids are enjoying playing with her every day.

Coconut is very snuggly!


Ellie said...

....but I wanted the BLACK one!!!

Hey! Good luck with it. I briefly thought about it a month ago, but... nope! Uh, uh! Nothing is getting me out in blowing snow to walk a dog until he finds an acceptable spot to poop, and THEN, THEN to get me to pick it up in a baggie and carry it all the way home! No way!

Until we live on land again, no dog!

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

I your circumstances, the trouble just doesn't make it worth it! Fortunately, we have better circumstances here at this time...a great big yard (I mean huge!!!) where we can train her to go in the corners-no having to pick it up, although I do shovel it if it's close to where the kids play, ew!...the guard dogs are training her to guard, she can come in and out only when we let her, and I am feeling able to handle the training part right now that the baby is getting more independent. Also, we're relatively stable and will most likely live in this same house for another year after this one...hard to believe, being able to spend TWO years in the same house!!!! :)