Monday, March 30, 2009

Waxing Poetic

Poetry isn't really my strong suite, so I was kind of surprised when this came to me the other here it is, for what it's worth... Enjoy! Oh, if you have an idea for a title, let me know!

Toys in the bathtub
Books in my bed
Rumpled pajamas
Quick pats on the head.

Sloppy wet kisses
Read me a book?
One more diaper change
Please can you look?

Cajoling for candy
Squabbles with sister
Can we go to McDonalds?
These shoes give me blisters!

Rocks in the dryer
Bugs in a jar
Dollies and tea parties
Playing at war.

Bruised knees and scraped elbows
Bee stings and bug bites
Campfires and picnics
Can we have Family Night?

These days that seem endless
While my kids are so young
Will so quickly be over
At least, so say some!

I think that they're right
Life comes and it goes
And time passes by me
Right under my nose.

Am I savoring each moment?
Making it last?
Making the most of the time
Before it's past?

Becky Aguirre


Shilo said...

That is so precious! I love to see your creative juices flowing again! :)

Michelle C. said...

I like it! Good job!
I nominate Parenthood or motherhood for a possible

Cindy said...

It is true that it goes faster than you you know my oldest is 25 now...and some days I long for the time when she was a little girl!

Great Poem!!