Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Family Camp Part V-Fun in the Water...

The water was a wee bit cold first thing in the morning...

Such a cutie!

Jojo in his awesome floatie suit...

All three kids spent a lot of time
going down these water slides...what fun!

Again, I was surprised that Gracia wanted to do
the slide on her own, but she did fine!

Jojo, of course, dived right in to the fun!

And even Miguel tried it several times...

Micah was the only one in our family
brave enough to go down the biggest slide!


Ellie said...

I'd love to get our families together in a place like that! Oh the fun they would have!

Shilo said...

Wow! Those were some fun filled posts! Thanks for sharing! Gracia looks the most changed to me this time...growing up!
I did notice there weren't many pictures of mama this time! :) I guess that's what happens when you are the family photographer!

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

Ellie-I know!!!! We could have been there a week and still had fun...the main pool was actually indoors, in a greenhouse-like building, so the water was considerably warmer. So we were able to swim for several hours at a time both days very comfortably!

Shilo-I know, I was thinking about that, not any pictures of me, are there?! Hmmm...guess I forgot to ask someone to snap some...you would have been proud of me, I played with the kids, played volleyball and even broke out the ol' swimsuit!!!! LOL! And I agree, Gracia is growing and changing fast, she is outgrowing all of her clothes!