Friday, September 18, 2009

Dancing Roots

My sister Liz and I getting ready to
head back to school on the mission plane...
Growing up in the jungle like I did, we used a LOT of insect repellent! Sometimes we had to reapply repellent several times a day to keep the gnats and mosquitoes at bay. Eventually, my skin began reacting to the ingredients in the repellent, most likely the DEET. I think after that, I stopped using the repellent so much and just got used to the bites. Once you live there a while, you kind of get immune to some of the bites anyway!

I tried several different natural insect repellents, but most of them had smells that I couldn't stand! Then my sister Kathy, who's husband is from New Hampshire, told me about Dancing Roots. Dancing Roots is a company that makes and sells an all-natural insect repellent that not only works well, but smells great! I really enjoyed reading their story...about how they discovered the recipe for their products and how it was tested. Their Crocodile! line of repellents come in a spray, lotion, cream, and roll-on. They also have Crocodile! Croclight! candles that do not contain petroleum or citronella. A new product they sell now is Crocodile! Afta-Byte, a natural bite-relief cream.

I recently ordered some products and right now they have a special!

Buy One Get One Free
on every product you order!!!! And often, even if they don't have that particular special, they are good about throwing in an extra product if you order several. Every time I have had a question, they are very good to respond quickly and have always been very helpful. So, if you need some repellent and would like to try some natural insect repellent that smells great, give Dancing Roots a try!


Terri :o) said...

I'll have to try that for Cordel, he reacts to everything!

Phil wanted to know which one was you and which one was your sister.


Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

haha...guess I should have said my 'little sister', I'm the one in red, Liz is in yellow. All of my other sisters had already left home...didn't know Cordel reacts to things! If you order some, let me know how it works!