Thursday, October 8, 2009

Now Pictures from MY Birthday!

My birthday was on Tuesday, October 6th...turned 37 this year! We had a small, family party and then my friends Chris and Rachel came over for a few minutes, so that was fun! It was a great day, really, with lots of birthday greetings coming in all day long...Miguel still owes me a grilled steak, though, and I'm holding him to it! :D

My friend Carrie baked and decorated the cake and
also made me this really cute bag! I plan to
use it for my Bible studies...

Yes, very funny, Miguel!

The kids bought me some chocolate...yum!

My gifts from the choice of wrapping paper!

First book...House by Ted Dekker.
Love Micah's face!

Second book...Skin by Ted Dekker.
Great choices in books, Miguel!


Shilo said... books! Can't beat that! :) They look kind of spooky? I've not read any of his writing.
Pics of Jojo's birthday were great too! That cake turned out so cute. You are such a good mom - all the time you put into special details for your kids.

Cindy said...

I love getting books for my birthday...makes it last longer :)

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

@Shilo-yes, these are a little spooky! But quite interesting...if you've never read Ted Dekker, I suggest you start out with some of his other ones, like Blink or the Martyr's Song series. They aren't spooky, but definitely thrilling and thought-provoking!

@Cindy-Miguel finally catching on, isn't he?! Love, love, love books! :D

Norberto Kurrle said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Becky! Books are great gifts aren't they! I voted for your photo on CG today...I love pecans!!! Hope you have a great week.

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

Wow, thanks, Julie! I'd about forgotten about the! Yeah, around here there are thousands of acres of pecan trees all over! Very typical of this area and nice since it's a near desert...the 'resort' we went to for family camp was in a pecan orchard-where I took that picture! Just beautiful!