Friday, October 2, 2009

My Jojo Turns Five!

Yep, hard to believe my baby is FIVE years old! (Even though he's not my youngest, I think I still consider him my baby...) We celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, September 29th with a small, family celebration (although I did send doughnuts to school to share with his class)...of which I (annoyingly) can't show you any pictures because: 1) we can't find our regular camera and had to take pictures with our backup camera and 2) we don't have a USB cord yet for said backup camera (we're trying to get one from the guy we bought it from, but it's going slowly). So, instead, I dug through my files and you are getting treated to some other really cute pictures of Jojo...there were SO many, it was hard to choose!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Jojo! Love you!

John Michael the day he was born.

With his daddy. What handsome guys!

Doesn't he resemble the Michelin man
with those rolls on his arms?!
Such a cutie!

With Abuelita Delia in Venezuela.

Finger-sucking partners...Gracia was the one
who first started calling John Michael 'Jojo' and
it stuck!

With JD, Micah, and cousins Daniel and Luis in Venezuela.

Getting to be a big boy...

Still has his chubby cheeks, though...

Always on the move...

Conquering the world (and his brother)...

Hard to believe he's in Kindergarten already!
Taken a few weeks ago at the Rancho...not
afraid of snakes!

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Shilo said...

Happy birthday to the little buddy! Although, he hardly looks little anymore in the most recent pics! He was just a babe when I first met you guys! Time flies!