Saturday, January 17, 2009

Slow Saturday Morning

We're having a slow Saturday morning are still in their peegees (as Miguel calls them-says it's easier than saying pjs, LOL!) and I don't think I've even brushed my hair. I had a wonderful chat with Big Sis Teresa and now I'm at my computer with my second cup of coffee.

Jkaile's contained for the moment...
happily playing with his I Spy cards.
They are thick cardboard and so he can't bend them.

Gracia and Jojo are playing SpongeBob Uno...I like the Uno part,
but we could do without the SpongeBob. :(
Micah spent the night with a friend;
we're not expecting him back until later.

At some point, however, I will have to get busy...
since Miguel is gone, I will get the privelege of teaching
all of these precious 4 to 6 year olds (including Gracia and Jojo)
tomorrow in Children's Church!
I pretty much have the lesson ready,
just have to pull it together.
Since I spend a LOT of time with little kids already,
teaching the kids at church is, how shall I put this,
maybe not as exciting for me as it is for Miguel? :)

But I have to admit that they are pretty cute...


Shilo said...

Hope it goes well for you tomorrow!

Unknown said...

Hope the rest of your Saturday was as enjoyable as the beginning...
Thanks for your prayers!

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

@Shilo-thanks...the children's church part went really well! They had us hopping, but we had fun.

@Cindy-you are welcome! You guys have been through a lot...