Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On Losing a Tooth

On Sunday, Gracia came over to talk to me while I was working on the computer. When I finally turned to look at her, I was rather startled to see one of her teeth basically pointing straight out of her mouth! It's her first loose tooth, so there was plenty of excitement surrounding this discovery. :)

I made hamburgers for supper and about half-way through supper, Gracia noticed that her tooth was gone! We looked all over, but didn't find it, coming to the conclusion that she must have swallowed it, oh horrors! :o But then I remembered the time that Micah sneezed one of his teeth out over the trash can and I found it in the living room (after digging unsuccessfully through the garbage-the things we do for the tooth fairy!). So I began to look around under the table. I noticed a couple of small white objects and sure enough, one of them was Gracia's tooth! Hooray! I think the tooth fairy would have still made a visit even without the tooth, though...


Shilo said...

Ah...so precious! Your little girl is growing up!

Ellie said...

Yay! (And good job on finding it!)

My son (#3) will likely lose one tonight. It's hanging on by half a thread.