Monday, May 24, 2010

Gracia Has Another Birthday - Part I

On Wednesday, May 19th, I took Jojo and Jkaile over to the school to celebrate her birthday together with her classmates.  Her teacher brought cupcakes for us all to enjoy and they had decorated her desk in a special way for Gracia that day.  :)  I'm surprised Jkaile hadn't blown out that candle by can tell he wants to!

Then they played 'find-the-happy-faces' that
her teacher had hidden...I think there were a few
they never did find...

Jojo found a few, too.

Next was an outdoor game on the playground...

And then back inside for Silly Sentences.

They were silly, all right!

Jkaile tried...don't think he quite got them put 
together right, though...

All in all, a fun birthday day...but the real fun
was to come at her party that next Saturday! 

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