Monday, May 24, 2010

Gracia Has Another Birthday - Part II

The week dragged by, but finally, Saturday arrived.  We spent all morning getting ready for the's the assembly line we set up to put together the candy bags to hand out at the party. 

Then we packed everything up and went over to
our friends' house just down the street for a 
Water Party!

Miguel doing his thing...

The Birthday Girl...

Time for cake and presents!  I made
ice cream cake cones...except we used
pudding mixed with Cool Whip 
instead of frosting.  They were a big hit!

A closer look at the cones and the gift bag I
made for Gracia...she had strawberry shortcake
instead of a cone because she doesn't 
care much for pudding. 

Opening presents...

And then Sunday night, some friends dropped by
with this little house for Gracia!  We set it up 
and they started coloring right away.

It's the cutest little thing...

So glad you had a Happy Birthday, Gracia! 

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