Monday, May 17, 2010

Miguel's Birthday Week

It was Miguel's birthday yesterday and he really lucked out since we had a birthday celebration with our small group from church last Wednesday night and then again yesterday with other friends from church.  And he got plenty of yummy food...I made lasagna, marbled brownies, and home-made old-fashioned vanilla ice cream for Wednesday's celebration, arepas with cheese, scrambled eggs, and shredded beef for breakfast yesterday, and spaghetti with home-made bread for lunch!  Later, friends came by with cake and ice even though he didn't get many gifts, I think he had a pretty special birthday this year! 

Miguel getting ready to blow out his candles...we
had mercy on him and only used five.  haha

I made two pans of lasagna and it went fast!
I added layers of ham a la Venezuelan to make it
a bit more like pasticho.

I was going to leave the brownies in the pan, but
needed both of my glass pans for the lasagna, so 
I stacked them on a plate.  Didn't look as nice, but oh well.
This was a new recipe for me, but they were delicious!
The white swirl is a cream cheese/butter mixture...yummy!


Cindy said...

My Tyler's birthday was yesterday, too. He turned 14!
We had steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and brownies with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday. Looks like a good time.