Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Since most of my yard
is completely hopeless and looks like this...

...I am really loving how our little flower/rock garden
in front of the house is turning into
a bit of an oasis for the eyes,
so to speak...our hard work is paying off!
Okay, okay, Miguel's hard work...

This bush is commonly used around here for hedges.
I love the color it adds!

Such a scrubby little nopal cactus, but
it sure has beautiful flowers in the spring!

Gorgeous! Sad they only last about
a day or so, though...

The ground cover we have produces the cutest
little button-size blooms that add spots
of color to the green...

The plant in the front smells like onions, but has
such pretty purple flowers!

And my little potted plant on the steps keeps on
putting out these wonderful yellow flowers!
Makes me smile every time I see them!

I took this picture back in March...I think I'd
really like to get some more of these because
not only are they pretty, but this poor plant has
survived some pretty rough treatment
and still puts out those beautiful flowers!


Ellie said...

Looks wonderful! I have some of the same ground cover, I think.

I also have a plant that smells like onions and produces a purple flower. I think mine is a type of green onion. My kids, who love onions, chew on it, and I cut it to add to salads at times, but mostly I leave it to bloom and look pretty.

Now you need a shade structure, some tiles, and a table and chairs for relaxing at!

Shilo said...

Beautiful. We were made to be surrounded by it and I love how you guys used your creativity to bring a little right to your doorstep!
Have a great rest of your week, Becky!

Angela said...

I like your desert oasis. Especially those happy yellow flowers! :)
I have some of those onion ones growing in my yard. Every time the grass is mowed, it smells like onions in our driveway. Makes me crave salad! ;)

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

Ellie, I've been thinking about shade...I would especially love a trellis-type thing, a ramada, they call it here. I'd be out building it myself if I could! lol We have picnic tables that we move around to follow the shade, but it's not the same as slinging a hammock under green, leafy shade!

Shilo, I really like it that Miguel is so creative with gardens and such...I was looking at old pictures yesterday and remembering the rock paths he built at the family farm in OK. We spent many hours working together to get the rocks, set them, etc. :)

Angela, we haven't yet taken to eating any of the greenery, but it sure smells good sometimes! lol Makes me remember how the Finca would smell like cilantro after they mowed the grass...sometimes my mom would send us out to look for the wild cilantro to make ají sauce...