Friday, April 10, 2009

Construction Project

It's been exciting to see our construction project move along this week! The Bible Institute (that own this property) is investing in a picnic area for the students. There really is no common area, such as a lounge, for the singles to mix, so this will hopefully meet that need. They do love to hang out together! :) First of all, the ground was leveled and a load of gravel dumped on a plastic sheet.

While the gravel was being spread out, the patio bricks arrived.

Then the guys began leveling the gravel and placing the bricks. While I was taking the pictures, I noticed a spider on the
wall right next to me.
He was pretty big for a regular spider!
He (she?) seems to live in that hole.

It was neat to see the piles of bricks getting smaller
as the patio area grew larger.

Then more gravel was dumped on top of the bricks
and swept around to fill in the cracks.

This morning, Miguel and the guys went out north of town
to bring back a load of rocks for the grill...

...which hopefully will turn out something
like this one...except they'd like the side table
extend out a bit further.
Then Miguel and Zack put together the two picnic
tables...still some work to do, but it's coming along!
This will be such a blessing to have now that
the warmer weather is coming...
I think it would be really awesome if we could also
build a "ramada" ("rama" = branch) over this area and
plant vines or something for shade.
Not to mention the hanging of the hammocks...

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Shilo said...

Fun to see those pics!
I hope you guys have a special Easter! Love you!