Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg hunt

This morning, Jojo and Gracia played for a long time with the Easter eggs that Gracia colored at school this week. It was so cute to watch them would wait while the other hid the eggs. Then the hider followed the hunter around, usually hinting quite strongly as to where the eggs were hidden...guess they have trouble handling the suspense! :)

Then Jkaile got in on the action when he woke up...he quickly got the idea to pick up the eggs and put (throw!) them into the basket. Unfortunately, this is very hard on the eggs and we had to cancel the Easter egg hunting due to cracked eggshells...guess we need to color some more!


Unknown said...

Hey you guys - happy Good Friday, and happy almost Easter! He Is Risen!

Mo said...

That is exactly what I did with my sister and brothers; of course not this year, not even last year. No, it was many years ago, but I do remember the joy those eggs brought us. Now my mom and dad on the other hand were not as pleased with the destroyed eggs. But man did we have fun.