Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Eggs!

We don't really have Easter traditions in our family, other than attending church...although sometimes we color eggs. I might have been more willing to start something this year, but I've been sick for a couple of weeks and just didn't feel up to it. But Gracia got to color some eggs at school and one morning these three had fun hiding the eggs around the living room for each other. It was cute to watch.
Then one day my friend Rebecca came over and had an Easter egg hunt for the kids, twelve of which were Resurrection eggs. The kids had never done the Resurrection eggs before, so that was fun for them. :)




Rebecca telling them the story of the resurrection with the eggs.
Their son Caleb (sitting between Gracia and Jojo)
is in Gracia's Kindergarten class.

Afterwards, we made Resurrection buns with the kids...they worked fairly well and were yummy to eat! We had to use stateside marshmallows, though, since the Mexican marshmallows don't melt quite as well and don't leave the empty "tomb". Apparently, everyone was in a hurry to eat them because I didn't get any pictures of the buns...LOL!

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