Thursday, April 30, 2009

Homeschooling Update

Influenza update: Still no reported/documented cases here in the city, but that could change. Everything is very quiet these days as everyone is mostly staying home. There was a run on face-masks and now there are none available to buy! I saw a lady wearing one when we went to the store this morning. As far as I know, travel is not being restricted to other countries although it does get delayed at's a bit scary to think of the U.S. border being closed and us getting stuck here, but we'll be okay even if that happens. I used to be a lot more nervous about the idea of not being able to travel back "home" in emergency situations or whatever, but I think I'm growing in this area..."home" is where God has us and He will care for us wherever we are.

And nothing against homeschooling, I actually enjoy it! What's hard for me is to switch gears mid-stream, so to speak, so it's taking us some doing to figure out the homestudy dynamics...we ARE enjoying sleeping in and the relaxed schedule, though! :) We've been able to do some fun stuff, too, like play Yahtzee during a break, go to the "green gate" store for snacktime (one of the little local stores in our neighborhood that has a green sliding door), generally goof off more than usual, and play in the sandpile. Well, I don't play in the sand...

Spending a morning break in the sandpile.
Jojo was upset because he'd dropped his Chocorol in the sand.
We salvaged it after the picture.

It's just like having our own personal beach!

Goofing off with the camera...

Gracia helped me make arepas one day.
Today we made flour tortillas together for breakfast...
And here's a picture to prove that we are actually
doing some school! Okay, yeah, with chocolate chips... it's just that
they make math so much more interesting!


Cindy said...

chocolate chips are excellent for a million reasons!!

Carrie said...

Can I come do math? :-)

Terri :o) said...

Chocolate chips, eh? We always used Legos. I was afraid edible manipulatives would throw of the computations. :)