Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Great Giveaway!

Today, Simple Mom has another great giveaway on reusable grocery/shopping bags. They look great...really cute and a practical way to cut down on the number of plastic bags littering the environment. :)

Go check it out!

This could be you!


Ellie said...

Hi Becky! This is one thing I've started to make myself from scraps of cloth and ribbon left over from stuff. A bag takes only three minutes to make, and they're great for gift bags, tote bags, whatever.

On one school trip to the zoo on a very hot day, the teachers and moms were discussing if the kids could carry water bottles or if the group leaders would tote water for all the kids - like no! I made little over the shoulder bags just big enough for one water bottle out of an old sheet - ha! All kids had their own water right on them. It worked great, and the school saved them for future trips. (I said that only once will I sew fifty small bags!)

I'm not a homey, sew everything type of person, but a bag is so easy that it is fun! I smile when I see my bags bouncing around the school - old gift bags used for piano book bags, extra clothes bags, or Sunday activity bags.

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

That's a great idea! Do you have a pattern or just kind of wing it? Like are they square or rounder? A sewing machine is high on my want list right now even though I'm not a really sewy kind of person either. But I was really getting into sewing little things like bean bags and scarves and curtains in Venezuela...but had to leave the sewing machine behind. :(

I can imagine that making 50 bags WAS quite tiring!!!!