Saturday, November 15, 2008

When Baby Gets Bored

Woe to Mom when the baby gets bored! Especially baby who is mobile and can climb and is tall enough to reach items on the counter and there's no other kids around for easy entertainment. Jkaile woke up a 7 this morning, not bad, but it's Saturday and I would have dearly liked to sleep in! The rest of the kids were still sleeping, so I shut their doors and came out to enjoy my coffee and spend some quality time on the computer. Yeah.

So far this morning, he has:

climbed up onto the table
pulled the fly swatter off the counter to swat Mommy
ripped up a magazine
climbed up onto the table
knocked off the stack of papers by my computer
ripped up another magazine
broken up big brother's Lego creation
climbed up onto the table
spilled his chocolate milk
thrown cookies all over the floor (Maria crackers, less you think I give the baby sugary cookies for breakfast!)
knocked the papers off again
climbed up onto the table

And how can I be mad at him when every few minutes he comes running to give me a hug??!!

I finally gave up and this is what Bored Baby is doing now.
Hooray for Bob the Builder!

A little bit ago, I noticed an interesting bulge in the leg
of his's his diaper!

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