Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Interesting Day

Today was an interesting day! It started out pretty good and I thought things were going swimmingly...but then things began to deteriorate about the time we were all ready to head out the door.

Normally, not all of us would have to be ready to go out, but since Miguel is not here, I am taking Micah and Gracia to school every morning this week. And since this was the first day after 10 day break, well, our getting-ready-for-school skills are a bit rusty. :( And today was our organization's Day of Prayer...the language study department was hosting the students from part of the training institute and I was heading out to that.

Right before leaving, Micah got a little creative with brushing his teeth and soaked his clothes...it was too late to change, so I just sent him on "as is"...we're in a desert, it will dry.

I had to come back into the house several times to get things I forgot...I am usually not so flaky.

I asked Micah to shut and lock the gate behind all the kids while I was getting Jkaile into his seat. Not only did he not lock it, he left it wide open so the dogs got out. I was already in the van, so had to get back out, round them up, shut and lock the gate...not happy.

After getting the kids to school, I realize that we didn't have the bag of snacks...I had given it to Jojo to hold for me before exiting the gate back at home (probably not a wise decision on my part, but hey, I was delegating). I race back home in the van (just a few blocks from school) and sure enough, the dogs were already gnawing on it...fortunately, we only lost one small bag of cookies and the rest was salvageable.

Back at school, I realize that I have lost one set of house/gate keys (I had another full set on the van keys, thank goodness). Not good, so I came back to the house to see if I'd left them hanging in the gate. They weren't there and the gate was locked, so I just assumed they were in the van and went on to the Day of Prayer activities.

Day of Prayer was really, really good and a blessing. Miguel had asked one of the guys in the training to lead communion and prayer and we had worship as well. I thought it was neat that he wanted to arrange all the seating around a large rectangle of tables, making it more informal and intimate than having the seating arranged in rows. They also made everyone move around to mix it up a little. Anyway, it was a good time spent with brothers and sisters in Christ and it's exciting to see the integration of cultures and the relationships being formed there. Childcare was provided and it was nice not to have to get up and chase someone down every few seconds. :) (Thanks, Tasha and Cindy!)

Back home, I couldn't find the keys anywhere! I was beginning to worry and thinking the worst, like we would need to change the locks, etc. as I thought that maybe I'd dropped them in the road in front of our house and someone had picked them up? Then I realized that I hadn't yet prayed about it, so I stopped and asked for wisdom. The thought ocurred to me to retrace my steps from when I was recovering the bag of snacks from the dogs and sure enough! There they were in the grass, thank you Lord!

After the excitement of the morning, our afternoon was relatively calm! I fed everyone lunch and then we all had a nice nap, which helped me regain some of my composure...I felt like I had more control over things and over myself and the kids are responding to that in a positive way. I spent some good time with them, even throwing the baseball around with Micah, and then I put them to work. Tacos for supper, washed the dishes,swept and mopped the floor, a devotional...and all four kids in bed by 8 p.m.!!! :) Whew!

So all in all, an interesting day. I hope that tomorrow is more mundane...I could use some mundane about now...

Micah cleaning the birdcage-we are taking care of

parakeets for some friends

Gracia washing the dishes

Jojo cleaning his room

(Yes, those are bungee cords you see on the bunkbed!

A unique way of keeping the boys from falling out of bed. :) )


Cindy said...

this made me remember once when I was left alone with the kids for a week...I had them all settled with toys and they were playing so nicely, I decided to grab my Bible and sit down for a few minutes....
so, quite a while later I realized they were way too quiet for way to long and went to find that the boys had colored each others faces with permanent markers!!! I mean
really colored them all over and the backs of their necks and everything!!! I wish I had taken a picture now, but then I just started scrubbing and trying to get the marker off...I don't know why I was in such a hurry. The permanent marker does not wash off well and the colors they used were blue and green...so they had a blue green tinge about them for several days after...
now its funny, then it really wasn't. I wish I had not taken some things so seriously as I did then. Oh, Glad you found the keys :) (once Tyler locked me out of the house with the other two little ones inside.... I had to pry a window open and break loose one of the bars to get the door open! that wasn't fun either)

Unknown said...

Love the bungee cord idea!

Isn't it interesting that things seem to fall apart when a day of Prayer is planned??

So glad that God encouraged your heart during the prayer time.

Hold onto your little ones...one day (all too soon) they will be leaving the home to follow their own path God has for them.


Ellie said...

My interesting day a few years ago when my husband was gone for a few weeks began when I got home very late from a kid's event with very tired kids and an even tireder mom. I went down to turn off a light in the laundry room and was puzzled by the bad smell. I know that I had changed the cat litter not that long ago, so went in to investigate.

The laundry room sink was full of water. It had overflowed into a Costco sized bucket of laundry soap which had then overflowed into the cat litter box which had in turn over flowed dirty, soapy water all over the floor and onto the laundry on the floor.

I dug in the bottom of the sink to find little rocks. I located the owner of the rocks. (yes, in our house, rocks have owners!) Then I asked the inevitable question - WHY?

"I just wanted to see what would happen."

Oh. Of course. Why not?

(The salt filter cleans itself into the laundry room sink every once in awhile, this is why the water all over.)

Well - what happens.... I showed him what happens, along with the law of cause and effect. What happens is you clean it up, not mommy, not anyone else, you clean it up, and tonight. He hasn't done that since, although he has done the bathroom sink at times...

Life usually goes nuts when Daddy is traveling. Hang in there.

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

@cindy #1-Okay, you got me laughing!  :)  I'm sure that neither incident was funny then, but I am getting a kick out of it now.  LOL!  I, too, am learning not to take things so seriously.  :)  @cindy #2-My mom keeps telling me that the kids will grow up all too fast...it's hard to believe when I'm in the middle of diapers and potty training!  But I think I'm enjoying the baby days more with Jkaile than I did with the others, knowing they are short.  :)  Maybe that's why the youngest get spoiled??!!  ha!@ellie-okay, that sounds like a truly exhausting mess!  Must have been quite discouraging!  :(  wow.  Yeah, rocks have owners around here, too, although quite a few of them just tend to hang around free...any rock with crystal in it is the rage, they are all over the place, on my windowsill, under the couch, in our bed, in the washer...you get the picture...sigh.