Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Love Languages

I think one of Miguel's love languages is Acts of Service. He is always doing things around the house to help me. Sometimes I find myself wishing that he would just sit and talk to me more over a cup of coffee...and ungrateful me forgets to appreciate the fact that my husband is doing housework! Apparently my love language is more in other areas, such as Quality Time. A friend and I were talking about it the other day and she reminded me that every time he sweeps the floor or washes the dishes, he's expressing his's like he's giving me a hug. Apparently I have some sort of complex about receiving Acts of Service because I often feel a sense of guilt or shame when he is helping me out, as if he has to do it because I am not 'together' enough. I don't think that's the truth (and Miguel himself has never, ever communicated that!)...and I am wanting to focus more on appreciating my husband and his unique gifts and talents. So I'm going to brag on him just a little...

This is what he did while I was out walking this morning...
on top of taking care of the kids
AND getting the baby to poop in the potty chair! :)
Now that's impressive!
After that, he took Micah over to a friend's house to play and did some shopping.
He often goes shopping for me and I appreciate that, even though
I do like to go once in a while to get out and see what's available.
(In fact, since I don't get out much, sometimes it can be
downright exhilarating to go the grocery store and
look at carrots and potatoes--woohoo, big outing of the week! :) LOL!)
Okay, but back to Miguel, he came home with the things on my list
plus a few extras, like this big stalk of sugar cane!

Thank you, Miguel, for everything you do for me!
I love you!



Ellie said...

Two words for you Becky - Wife Swap!

No, I didn't say that; I didn't say that! :-)

Oh, the things Christians should not think! Except that God gave me a huge sense of humor - chalk it up to all the missionary kid craziness.

I'd love to have a husband with acts of service as his love language. Mine does gifts, and I have never been much of one for gifts. I like nice words, and acts of service, oh, and being held... which is really not a good one right now!

Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

@Ellie-Hahahahaha!!!! That is so funny! Wife swap...yeah. I didn't watch it much, but always thought it to be an interesting concept...

And like I said, as wonderful as his gifts are, I would still love for him to communicate more, surprise me with gifts (how about a used coffee maker from a garage sale for my birthday this year! LOL!), and encourage me more with compliments (although I have to admit he's getting a little better at that...).

But I think that the more I accept and appreciate him for who he is, he will perhaps become more motivated to meet me where I'm at, too? Hopefully...

And why is there this gigantic space between the end of this post and the comments?! Weird.