Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Family Fun Day Part I-Morning Activities

Every year, our school for MKs holds a Family Fun Day out at the Rancho Siloé, our organization's training institute north of town. All of the kids in school are divided into four teams and compete against each other in many different events according to their grade levels. This year, Family Fun Day fell on October 30 (which was also Micah's actual birthday, which is why we had his party the day before), the day after our Big Snow (see this post)...after the 'weather event' of the day before, we were blessed with a truly perfect day for Family Fun Day! Not too hot, not too cold, clear blue skies and plenty of sun!

JD (in the red cap) participated in the mile run
for the high schoolers, the first event of the day for them.
JD was on the yellow team and earned some points
for his team by coming in third.
It was a little hard for Miguel and I to keep track
of all four kids while they participated in
different events at the same time...
but we did pretty well at getting around and watching
their main events.

Jojo was on the pink team! Members of the
pink team were also allowed to wear red
in case they didn't care to sport pink shirts!
Here he is posing with the rest of the
kindergartners and his friend Isaac.

Gracia during the ball toss. Gracia was
on the black team.

Checking in with JD during the running
long jump. He came close to breaking the school record!

Jojo won the kindergarten sprints...look at him go!
Jojo won all of the events he participated in!

Micah (in the middle with blue jeans) running his sprints...
he came in second after a run-off. Micah was on the blue
team, but wore a red sash since they didn't have
enough blue ones...it was a little confusing...

We were very proud of Gracia for coming
in second in her sprints...

After the main sports-type events, the elementary students
had some fun games and continued to try to
collect points for their teams.

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