Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Family Fun Day Part IV-Rocks and More Rocks!

Miguel continues to work on the landscaping and the rock grill at our house here in town, so after Family Fun Day we took the chance to go get some more rocks! Out behind the Rancho Siloé, there is an old river bed where the rocks are 'sifted' to remove gravel and sand to use in construction. What's left are piles and piles of rocks in all shapes and sizes...pretty much 'paradise' for rock hounds like us! :D

Hard to choose...

JD on top of the world...

So much fun!

Jkaile really loves it out there and it was hard
to keep track of him since he kept wandering off...
just too many rock piles to climb on!

Where's the baby?!

Dust devil came through while we were there...
you can see the buildings of Rancho Siloé in the distance.

Beautiful scenery!

A rather colorful little guy...

Long day! We were all pretty
happy to get back home
and get to sleep!

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