Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Family Fun Day Part III-Afternoon Activities

Miguel and the guys took the opportunity
to throw a few rounds of horseshoes...

The big afternoon activity was tug-of-war...
pull, Gracia, pull!!!

Micah's group won their round!

Apparently, Micah got a few 'toritos' in
his hand throughout the day...'toritos' are
thorns, the word literally means 'little bulls'
because of the shape of the thorns.

Even "Grandma" showed up for the tug-of-war games!

JD getting a kick out of watching "Grandma"!
Good to see a smile on his face!

Goody bags for all participants!

After I took this picture, I noticed Gracia's
top teeth were bleeding, but it's only because
they are loose! Tooth fairy should be visiting soon...

Jojo on the swings...

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