Monday, November 2, 2009

Snow? In Mexico?

What? Snow in Mexico? In October?! Typically, the word "Mexico" brings up thoughts of sunny beaches in Cancún or lush tropical jungles...but there are actually a few places in Mexico that get pretty cold and may actually snow from time to time! And we live in one of those places...granted, October is really early for snow and since the temperatures had been up in the 70s the day before, this really did take us quite by surprise! But yeah, last Thursday, we woke up to sleet and snow and really, really cold temperatures!

This was JD's first experience with snow!

After running around outside in shirt-sleeves, it didn't
take long for him to decide that he needed to get dressed
appropriately for the weather!

There was enough snow piled up in the corners
and on the trampoline to make snowballs!

A very small snowball...

Even Jkaile got a snowball!
He knew what to do with it, too, since
he promptly threw it at Micah!

But alas, all fun must end at some point and the
kids had to get ready to go to school...they
were still pretty excited, though!
Micah was convinced it had snowed just for his
birthday! I was thankful that it did clear up
enough to mostly have his birthday party outside
that afternoon...stay tuned for my next post
for party pics!

Remember my pretty flowers? Poor things
out there in the snow...

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